Ballard to Kent and Back

A cold and eventually frosty ride to an exurb of Seattle.


  1. Picasa Web Albums - Neil Hodges
    Picasa Web Albums - Neil Hodges
  2. I started at around 06:00 this morning.  I knew it was going to be rather cold, so I had leg warmers and a long-sleeved shirt under my normal Gore-tex jacket.

    It started off a little foggy, but the fog significantly worsened as I approached Lake Washington.  It also gradually became colder as I went south.

    By the time I got to the Interurban Trail (south), my hands started to lose feeling, then became, well…
  3. It only got worse after that: in southern Kent, there was a thick layer of frost everywhere other than the roads and the trail itself.  I wondered if they sprayed brine on the trail, since it was wet but not frosty.

    According to Google Maps, my 'endpoint'  was on S 227th St. near 47.354874, -122.233299, after which I proceeded to head back north to S 259th St., which was closed.  (Looking back at the map, I noticed that there were closer ways to get back to the next leg of my route, but I didn't see them at the time.)  I ended up just heading to downtown Kent for a way to warm up.

    I got a hot beverage and a pastry.
  4. Next up, I eventually made my way to the Green River Trail and a park along the route.
  5. Picasa Web Albums - Neil Hodges
    Picasa Web Albums - Neil Hodges
  6. It really reminded me of the Sammamish River Trail until I entered more developed areas.

    It took me to South Park, then the Duwamish bicycle route, and then Harbor Island, where I remarked on how the temperature gradually rose as I entered said more developed areas (the 'urban heat island' effect).
  7. After getting to and continuing along Alaskan Way, I climbed a moderately steep hill which had other cyclists riding in the area walking up it when I was there.

    After that, I just took one of my normal routes home.