What will likely be my crowning achievement of 2013.


  1. The total length of all this (sans my grabbing of food by bicycle in Aberdeen) was 257 miles, in two consecutive days.
  2. I've switched over to Flickr and have been slowly moving my old albums over.  This will be my first new album there.
  3. Day 1

  4. My route from home to the Fauntleroy ferry terminal was the one around Alki.
  5. Though, I took a gravel path rather than the steep climb up to the high route along Fauntleroy Way.
  6. I was the last one on, but at least I made it.
  7. She had placed first in her age group with a Huffy bicycle she got at a local Goodwill.  Both her and the person who fixed it up said, "It's the engine."  This statement was against the folks who get the most expensive bike they can find in hopes of them having an edge.
  8. I bought a pair of gloves for cold weather riding a week or so ago, and they performed perfectly despite the cold fog.  I didn't use the liners, though.
  9. (Since I'm not always in the range of Twitter, I put together a simple note setup that I could use wherever.  Below is an example of the output.  Click the link for the location.)
  10. "It really isn't possible to photograph much out here beyond the fog itself today."2013-10-19 10:14:00-07:00
  11. The fog became very bad in Belfair, and remained so for quite some time.