A shorter ride, so I just gathered tweets. See the linked album for more photos.


  1. Picasa Web Albums - Neil Hodges
    Picasa Web Albums - Neil Hodges
  2. Started at about 05:20, as I had to do something about preventing my compression shorts from riding up on my thighs.  I tried these huge rubber bands, but my thighs were too thick and muscular.  I ended up doing something with both paper clips and rubber bands, but they caused bruising on my left thigh.
  3. Picasa Web Albums - Neil Hodges
    Picasa Web Albums - Neil Hodges
  4. Bathroom breaks tend to be an issue for the first part of the ride, as alcohol and caffeine are irritants and diuretics.  I end up dehydrated the night before.
  5. Pretty much what happened when I was riding along the Duwamish Bikeway (which is on the sidewalk for a while).  That was gross.
  6. I rode along the northern edge of Seatac Airport.
  7. I also passed through downtown Burien and White Center.  See the album for photos of those places.  I also walked to White Center before, and there are more photos of it toward the end of that album.
  8. I'm pretty sure it happened while taking photos.  Thank goodness everything I have is waterproof and wouldn't soak up the poop.
  9. I stopped by the local (non-chain) sporting goods store for some shoes better suited for winter cycling with platform pedals.