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Voices of Why Menstruation Matters

From #MHDayDC, the Menstrual Hygiene Day 2015 celebration in Washington DC!


  1. On May 28, the DC Coalition for Menstrual Hygiene Day hosted #MHDayDC - an exciting learning and advocacy event in Washington DC. The event featured dynamic speakers, voices of girls from around the world, and exhibits of menstrual hygiene management solutions. Inspired by what they saw and heard, attendees pledged to continue advocating for menstrual hygiene in their own communities and spheres of influence.
  2. #MHDayDC showed the important link between access to menstrual hygiene and education, women’s & girls’ empowerment, gender equality, sexual & reproductive health, the environment, and the realization of fundamental human rights.

  3. Menstrual hygiene management tools, solutions, and exhibits on display at #MHDayDC!

  4. PeriodTalk: What words do you use for menstruation?