Just Gossip

A little conversation about what is and isn't "skeptic".


  1. It all started with this.
  2. Then a "skeptic" showed up. This is why you don't use people's Twitter handles when they've had you blocked for a year. Other people show up and demand that you don't ignore that person.
  3. Technically "gossip" is social intelligence, but don't take my word for it. Look it up on Google Scholar or something. But I didn't figure that was what he meant.
  4. Oh, he meant unconfirmed information. That was funny, given that I supplied three pieces of confirmation in the post.
  5. The answer is neither, "yes", nor, "no". It's apparently, "There's something wrong with you."
  6. Actually, it stopped being a discussion about the time he decided he knew my mental state because I asked him to clarify his position.