Interesting to See the Resulting Comments

What kinds of ideas do we just casually toss out there?


  1. This past weekend, American Atheists president was at CPAC courting/standing up for extremely conservative atheists in the U.S. While there, in the course of a conversation with a journalist, he made an unprepared remark about a "secular argument" for abortion that is both arguably wrong and ripe for misuse. I suggest reading Jason's take on the statement itself if you need more background.
  2. Lilandra brought news earlier today that Silverman's statement has indeed been misused, and she tells us what that means for the fight for women's medical rights. Hemant Mehta has, entirely uncritically, posted a guest post on his blog from the woman behind "Pro-Life Humanists". If you want to know what they're about, I suggest reading about it there rather than at Friendly Atheist, as I regard Hemant's posting as an irresponsible, insulting stunt.
  3. To get at why, I tweeted this earlier today. The wording is poor. I was furious.
  4. I received argument from one unexpected and one expected place. It went something (exactly) like this.
  5. "Comments can be bad for science." They are a bad place to sort out the truth of an argument. Why should anyone leave my human rights up to be debated in their comments?
  6. I have learned many things about biology in response to creationist arguments too. I've still never--not once--seen an atheist post a creationist screed and leave it up to chance that someone knowledgeable would show up in the comments, much less that everyone who read the creationist's post would read the comments and be educated. When it comes to something we care about, we don't leave it up to arguments in the comments.
  7. If you happen to be curious about the pros and cons of a debate that's raged for the last several decades, you don't need anyone to stage a brand new debate on the topic with whomever happens to wander by. I'll let Dean take this one.
  8. Back to today's argument.