Becky Garrison and the Disappearing #FtBullies

In which a reporter doesn't appear to have her facts down.


  1. This morning, Secular Woman members named my blog their Blog of the Year. I decided to see what the crew who tweet on #FtBullies had to say about that. Apparently, they sleep in very late this is what I found instead.
  2. As Garrison is a religion reporter who also writes for American Atheists, I decided to respond.
  3. She declined to respond to me but did respond to someone else who had seen my tweet.
  4. So, the reason to use #FtBullies is that she's been bullied by the "#FtB network". FreethoughtBlogs has bullied her. Sure.
  5. She's never been mentioned on our network, at least not by name. She was, however, the person who sent me the interview questions about The Block Bot I answered here.
  6. It's worth noting that I cut a bit out of one of those questions as a courtesy to Garrison. Namely, "I was added to level 3 at the suggestion of a blogger who disagreed with my opinions and had a friend who was an authorized user who added me. I was removed shortly thereafter when her boss returned from vacation given my longterm working relationship with the organization where they both worked. This is how I learned of the Bot's existence." The life of a bully is very hard.
  7. Note we're still talking about the "#FtB network" here.
  8. According to the picture presented by EllenBeth Wachs here, that's not what happened.
  9. That is what she said: people with the FtB network added her.
  10. One of the admins from The Block Bot stepped in to try to help.