Live-tweeted and Instagrammed cochlear implant (hearing restoration) surgery on October 2, 2012

@Swedish in Seattle, WA was inspired to create more resources for people with hearing loss after learning how few people know that cochlear implants are available, according to our surgeon. See the live-tweeted and Instagrammed cochlear implant surgery, plus additional resources from the web series:

  1. This is the inspiration behind #SwedishHear:
  2. Wondering why @Swedish is live-tweeting and Instagramming a cochlear implant surgery tomorrow (#SwedishHear)? Find out: 
  3. Inspiration for a Cochlear Implant Web Series
  4. A few different tweets, articles, and features prior to the live-tweeted and Instagrammed surgery:
  5. Tomorrow morning, @Swedish Medical Center will live-tweet a hearing restoration surgery, writes @TheAlexKnapp. 
  6. Hashtag "scalpel": Seattle's @Swedish hospital to live-tweet cochlear implant surgery tomorrow. N SwedishHearr
  7. Seattle Hospital Will Live Tweet, Instagram First Hearing Restoration Surgery - a3Gu
  8. Sneak peek: what will #SwedishHear look like? /p/QP9D73qGjr/ Behind the scenes tweets/pics of cochlear implant surgery (beg. ~7:30am)
  9. Tomorrow, Tues Oct 2, I will live instagram a cochlear implant surgery on behalf of @swedish surgeon Dr. Backous.. tune in, starting at 730am
  10. My last RT.... Interesting!! I have only ever seen photos of my opinion post-surgery. This should be very insightful. Follow @Swedish
  11. We arrived early on Tuesday, October 2 at our Swedish Cherry Hill campus to scrub up and follow Mrs. Day throughout the process, beginning at 5:30 a.m. (PT):
  12. Who is tweeting/Instagramming @Swedish? @danamlewis behind scenes on Twitter here at #SwedishHear & @drewsymonds supporting on Instagram.
  13. Arriving at @Swedish Cherry Hill this morning for #SwedishHear (not an Instagram pic - yet! :)) ^DL 0d2yp
  14. An earlier pic that may not have gone through: Mrs. Day checking in for surgery @Swedish QRswedishhearswedishhear
  15. Mr. Day following the Twitter feed while his wife changes for the procedure #swedishhear QR9wm6qGtt/
  16. @Swedish I am so proud that you are doing this on SoMe. Thank your patient and the treating team for your willingness to involve the world.
  17. Dr. Backous marking the ear of Mrs. Day in preparation for her procedure #swedishhear QSAAhkqGuf/
  18. Mrs. Day went to her eye doctor to have her glasses modified for the day of surgery. What's missing? #swedis QSDgXeqGgJ/
  19. Mrs. Day says she is enjoying having us take pics & tweet because it's the fun part and takes her mind off the surgery itself! #SwedishHear
  20. RT “@otorhinolarydoc: @Swedish Australia is watching and cheering you on.” #swedishhear thank you! ^DL
  21. Dr. Backous in the locker room preparing for Mrs. Day's cochlear implant procedure at 7:40am Pacific #swedis QSCPRWKGvi/
  22. Mr Day saying 'see you soon' w/ a kiss as his wife heads 2 surgery #swedishhear QSElkrKGg2/
  23. Just arrived to the PACU. Waiting for the anesthesiologist to arrive #swedishhear QSFS8CqGhJ/
  24. We will - thank you! RT “@otorhinolarydoc: @Swedish Pls thank Mr & Mrs Day for their willingness to share their journey. #SwedishDay
  25. In the PACU, one of our nurses is confirming health and safety information again with Mrs. Day. #SwedishHear
  26. Thank you Mr. And Mrs. Day for allowing us the opportunity to follow you on this journey. This is social media at its best! #swedishhear
  27. Thanks @Swedish for allowing us to be part of this great day. I have hearing loss & am thrilled to see what will be learned. #swedishhear
  28. One of the OR nurses who will be in the procedure has stopped by for a final touch base with Mrs. Day. #swedishhear
  29. Thank you Mrs. Day for sharing your journey. Best of luck to you! Also, thanks to the surgical team @Swedish. #swedishhear
  30. #swedishhear thanks to everyone for the best wishes to Mrs. Day! We are heading to the OR now.
  31. Dr. Backous holding Mrs. Day's hand prior to the procedure: QSSwedishHearSwedishHear
  32. Dr. Backous applying local anesthetic to help with pain control after surgery #swedishhear QSL00pqGlW/
  33. Dr Backous verifying final details before beginning operation #swedishhear QSLH44KGk_/
  34. #SwedishHear Did u know? We do everything poss. to not alter lifestyle. Shaving hair not necessary 4 cochlear implants QSMHvLqGlk/
  35. Now drilling to reach the inner ear before placing the implant #swedishhear QSOkIsKGnq/
  36. (A big thank you to the amazing surgical team in here that's helping us share info with you! #SwedishHear)
  37. Warning: some of the following images may be graphic. Viewer discretion advised.
  38. Finishing mastoidectomy, opening facial recess into the middle ear #swedishhear QSPnrtKGoT/
  39. Graphic: here is the facial nerve, cochlear implant will go behind this #swedishhear QSP6dKKGoe/
  40. @Swedish - are you just using your mobile phone for tweeting/instragram of today's procedure? #swedishhear
  41. . @CarrieSHall we are using multiple phones to capture, but yes, just phones! #SwedishHear
  42. Drilling into the cochela while looking through the scope #SwedishHear QSRBPCqGo9/
  43. Mr. Day looking at the live Twitter feed and Instagrammed photos from the lobby #SwedishHear
  44. Amazing tech, you can barely see the electrode, thin as a hair. Preparing to insert #swedishhear QSRp9lqGpb/
  45. Similar photo, different step! The cochlear implant electrode has been placed! #swedishhear QSR_TwKGpq/
  46. Washing the wound with antibiotics now that the implant is placed. #swedishhear QSSS_oqGpw/
  47. Closing the wound, stitches under the skin, none on surface. Adhesive is used instead. #swedishhear QSSnSQKGp1/
  48. Fact: it's a 3 centimeter incision, just larger than the implant. #SwedishHear
  49. Thanks @Swedish for the real time coverage of a CI surgery and to Mr. and Mrs. Day for agreeing to participate! We're cheering for you!
  50. Dr. Backous is filling out the paperwork to register her device with the company & the FDA while we wait for the xray. #SwedishHear
  51. Cochlear implant registered card, to be carried wherever she goes #SwedishHear QSUrzpqGrE/
  52. We're getting an Xray to make sure the electrode is in the inner ear in the right place. #SwedishHear
  53. After surgery an X-ray is taken to confirm the procedure was a success. Can you see the electrode? #swedishh QSU1coqGrI/
  54. Phone call to her family, "Could you please tell Eleanor's family that everything went great!" QSVKv1qGrY/
  55. We've left the OR with Mrs. Day and are in the PACU as she begins to wake. #swedishhear
  56. @Swedish Thanks to Mr & Mrs Day for participating & you for sharing - it's been an amazing priviledge to be part of it! #SwedishHear
  57. Mrs Day now in recovery, Dr Backous here checking on her status #swedishhear QSWb6QqGsE/
  58. Wow, @Swedish #CI surgery has *really advanced* since I had mine 8 years ago!
  59. @Swedish my son had bilateral cochlear implants 5years ago! Couldn't look at photos back then. This is amazing! Thanks for sharing! :)
  60. @Swedish I've wondered what this surgery is like since my granddaughter 1st CI at 1, eight yrs ago. Thanks so much! She has both sides now.
  61. @Swedish 's live cochlear implant on twitter was one of the coolest things I've ever seen
  62. Now for the good part - Dr. Backous letting Mr. Day know his wife's surgery was a success. #swedishhear QSZIAZKGtt/
  63. Thank you to everyone who joined or watched parts of #SwedishHear! We may post another picture or two, but the surgery is complete.
  64. Thank you to everyone who joined us for the live-tweeted and Instagrammed surgery today!

    We hope you'll join us next Wednesday on October 10, 2012 at 10am PT or 6pm PT for a live text chat to ask questions about hearing loss and cochlear implants to Dr. Backous, Stacey Watson (one of Swedish's audiologists), patients who have had cochlear implants, and others.

    To participate in the live chat on October 10, visit this page (
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  74. Your portable music player (phones, etc.) can produce volume nearing the sound of a jet plane taking off - yikes! 
  75. If you have other questions about hearing loss or cochlear implants, join us on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 at at 10am or 6pm PT to ask our audiologists, surgeon, or patients. If you see this after the fact, you can tweet us @Swedish and we'll do our best to get your question answered or connect you to the best resource for more information!