Live-tweeted and Instagrammed cochlear implant (hearing restoration) surgery on October 2, 2012

@Swedish in Seattle, WA was inspired to create more resources for people with hearing loss after learning how few people know that cochlear implants are available, according to our surgeon. See the live-tweeted and Instagrammed cochlear implant surgery, plus additional resources from the web series:

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  1. This is the inspiration behind #SwedishHear:
  2. Inspiration for a Cochlear Implant Web Series
  3. A few different tweets, articles, and features prior to the live-tweeted and Instagrammed surgery:
  4. Tomorrow, Tues Oct 2, I will live instagram a cochlear implant surgery on behalf of @swedish surgeon Dr. Backous.. tune in, starting at 730am
  5. We arrived early on Tuesday, October 2 at our Swedish Cherry Hill campus to scrub up and follow Mrs. Day throughout the process, beginning at 5:30 a.m. (PT):