The Secret Weapon for WordPress Developers

You can't LIVE without!


  1. Do you HATE it when you see a WordPress plugin you LOVE but you can't figure out what it is called?

    If you are like me – you have spent hours sifting through, only to find a bunch of outdated plugins that just won’t do what you want them to.

    Or what about when it comes to themes? Trying to figure out what theme another site is using is usually a complete waste of your time!


    I was talking about this to a friend, and he told me about an awesome new extension for your browser that gives you a ton of information in a very small space.

    The Requirements?

    1)    You use Chrome -or-

    2)    You use Firefox - THAT IS IT!!


    I always wanted to say that! But it is TRUE!

    For SEO’s out there, or any blogger or designer that cares about backlinks

    (YOU SOULD!)

    1)    go to any website page – (pro tip: like your competitors)

    2)    click on the extension's icon

    3)    click on the backlink checker of your choice (Moz, Majestic,  Ahrefs,)

    BANG – Instant new Backlinks for your site!


     is a simple extension that sits in your address bar in your browser.

    When you are browsing the internet – and you see something you like – CLICK IT!

    .....And it does the rest!

    This tool has single-handedly made my life easier in so many ways.

    The way developers work today – it is all about how fast you can get the job done!

    Every extra second you can save yourself is GOLD.

    At the end of the day – the things that make YOU  great at what YOU do comes down to the tools you use.

    This is one tool that you just can’t be without. Click here to learn more!