STOP DEPORTING YOUTH: MultiMedia Coverage of Campaign Kick-off in San Mateo County

On Wednesday, July 11, 2012, the San Mateo County Coalition for Immigrant Rights held a county-wide forum to urge the Board of Supervisors and Probation Chief Stu Forrest to stop reporting youth to ICE. More than 250 people attended.Below is a compilation of our media and mainstream media coverage!


  1. Video produced by De-Bug on the forum featuring the different voices such as the East Palo Police Chief, attorneys, and families urging the Board of Supervisors and Probation Chief to end juvenile ICE holds in San Mateo County.  Editing by Marlo Custodio, music by Malcolm Lee, cinematography by Fernando Perez, photos by Jean Melesaine.
  2. Final San Mateo Forum Video
  3. Prompted by the findings of our forum, here is a piece by the San Jose Mercury News/Palo Alto Daily News exposing how the Probation Chief made a mistake and quoted an expired 20 year old law when justifying their reasons of why they reported youth to ICE.
  4. The coverage expands! After the Mercury News published the piece about San Mateo County operating on an out of date law, Univision did a follow up segment featuring the impact on families.
  5. Univision also attended our forum, and produced this feature for their nightly news. Appreciate Redwood City Police Chief Gamez, also featured in the piece, sharing why ICE holds hurts public safety in San Mateo cities.
  6. Here is Telemundo's coverage of our forum, check out Jerson articulating why YUCA and other youth communities are so committed to stopping ICE holds in San Mateo County.
  7. News Coverage of Juvenile ICE Holds Community Town Hall Meeting
  8. Photo Booth Series -- Message to the Probation Chief and Board of Supervisors. Here are photos where attendees of the forum were given a white board and asked to write their message regarding ICE Holds for juveniles.
  9. First batch of Photos by Jean Melesaine from De-Bug of the Community Forum.
  10. "Get Arrested, Get Deported" video produced by Youth United for Community Action containing stories of families who went through the ICE hold process and interviews with community advocates fighting to stop the flawed practice.
  11. YUCA youth, one of our coalition members, representing hard! Thanks to AD Prints for making the shirts!
  12. These stickers speak the truth, and go to to stay update on our campaign!
  13. #stopdeportingyouth #debug #siliconvalleydebug #restoringtrust get yo slaps!
    #stopdeportingyouth #debug #siliconvalleydebug #restoringtrust get yo slaps!