What does your LinkedIn Social Map look like?

In our continuing showcase of Jeff Weiner and all things LinkedIn, we challenged readers to generate and share their LinkedIn Social maps on Twitter using #MyLinkedInMap. Here are some of the best looking maps our readers and staff have as well as my personal take on what they look like. -Alex, SEM


  1. Create your own by clicking the link below! Take a screenshot and tweet it using #MyLinkedInMap and we'll add it to this collection.
  2. Betsy Bevilacqua, a privacy and infosec professional from the Bay Area, shared her map. She says jellyfish, I say puppet.
  3. Nicholas E. Adams, president of Ninico Communications in San Jose, CA shared his map, which looks like a fish swimming left. Nemo, perhaps?
  4. Katie Switchenko, a manager at RTDNA in Washington D.C., shared her map, which looks like a basketball player about to dunk a blue ball! And 1.
  5. Melanie Deziel, a journalism student at Newhouse at Syrcause University in Syracuse, NY, shared her map, which looks like a make-shift ninja star.
  6. Dan Brechlin, a reporter from the Record-Journal in Meriden, CT, shared his map which looks remarkably like a winged- mouse. Or a bat, as they're more commonly referred to.
  7. Nick Forte, a film maker from New York City, shared his map, which looks like a couple of concentrated networks and several one-night stands. Sorry, Nick, your map doesn't really look like an animal, but I'm open to suggestions!
  8. Christina Griffin, who works for Gaffney Bennet Public Relations in Connecticut, shared her map which she correctly identifies as a "sideways jellyfish." I wouldn't want to step on her map at the beach.
  9. Greg Baumann, our editor in chief, shared his map and tweeted that it looks like "three fried eggs." It sure does, and now I'm hungry.
  10. Shana Lynch, our managing editor, shared her map and dubbed it as "colorful." I'll give her that. Maybe a roller skate? Or a high-heeled shoe?
  11. Lauren Hepler, our economics reporter, shared her map. It reminds me of a Christmas tree ornament of an angel with a harp. This exercise has been a strange trip.
  12. Cromwell Schubarth, or technology reporter and the man behind this entire LinkedIn package, shared his map. The blue off to the right looks like a baseball being hit out of the ball park on the left, sort of.