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Ready-to-use content for financial advisors

Financial advisors with tight budgets and limited time sometimes buy ready-to-use content from publishers who offer a library of resources. If you're in this situation, you'll find resources below. I'm providing links to providers, but not endorsing them. Please check them carefully.


  1. The marketing professionals who suggested resources for the list below also have a good tip for you. If you buy this standardized content, do something to customize it, to make it yours, assuming this is allowed by the terms of your agreement with the provider.
  2. I'm listing the resources in reverse alphabetical order. Sorry if this confuses you, but with a last name starting with W, I've been at the wrong end of too many alphabetical lists. Also, this gives me the chance to start with the quarterly content offering from my friend Wendy Cook. Her quarterly and intra-quarterly letters are tailored for the needs of passive advisors' clients.
  3. I discovered Morningstar Newsletter Builder, Advisor Intel, and Litman Gregory's AdvisorIntelligence in an article on AdvisorOne. You'll find the link to that article below the Morningstar link.
  4. Here's another resource, with thanks to Suzanne Bergin for suggesting it.
  5. Aside from resources that any advisor can tap, I've seen some nice ready-to-use content from fund companies such as Dimensional Fund Advisors. I believe coaching firms like CEG Worldwide also offer content that you can use "as is" or customize.
  6. Here are more resources that I learned about via LinkedIn and other resources.