"The first summer Twitter Olympics..."

Quote from an article in Scotland on Sunday on 15 April 2012 - Professor Andy Miah and his team are looking to involve "citizen journalists" in covering the Olympics in 2012.


  1. Although I'm a big fan of gathering my news content via Twitter, there's still a bit of a ritual in our house involving the purchase of Scotland on Sunday and the drinking of a cafetiere of coffee before the chores of the day begin. Sometimes I don't get far beyond the At Home section, but as we've just finished a house renovation, my property daydreaming is on hold for the moment. So it was with great interest that I managed to make it to the Spectrum magazine today, where I found an article about Professor Andy Miah.
  2. Discussing his interest in the advances in technology which will surround the 2012 Olympics, Miah is quoted in Scotland on Sunday saying
    "For London 2012, the big innovations will be live broadcast of all sports and the rolling out of 3D broadcasting.  It will be the first summer Twitter Olympics, where a lot of the strategies for delivering media content to audiences will be social media."
    He further went on to explain that "citizen journalists" would be encouraged to participate, and on Twitter this would involve the use of the #media2012 tag.
  3. At this point in my reading of the article, I picked up my iPhone and did a quick search for #media2012.
  4. Glancing through the #media2012 this tweet caught my eye and I followed the link 
  5. Which led me to: 

  6. And the #media2012 document
  7. By the time I'd scanned through part of the media charter, Jennifer Jones, who I'd mentioned in my first tweet had answered: 
  8. This conversation has been of great interest today, and my promise to Dr McGillivray and Jennifer Jones is that I'd spread the word further as there is still a search on for citizen journalists to cover the Cultural Olympiad events, and the torch relay in Scotland.  This looks like a great opportunity for people to get involved in the Olympics - and with no requirement to get into a pair of shorts! So follow the links above to find out more if you're interested in getting involved.