Looking at the power of Twitter for Motor Rally Fans

A little tale of how a Tweet with a link can take you on a voyage of discovery...and many links to related content


  1. Took a look at @jim_clark_rally Twitter stream this morning to find some content to illustrate a discussion we're having about using Twitter and the power of a Tweet.
  2. In the Tweet above, @Andrew_Coley is commenting on a post by @WorldRallySport about a video which they have posted.  Clicking on the shortened link takes you to a page within the @WorldRallySport website where they have embedded a video
  3. On the page there are also links to further content - a blog about the Rallye Perce-Neige:

  4. There are also further links to audio content - an interview with CrazyLeo himself
  5. There was also (on the video page) a 'hat tip' to another Tweeter @istaphoto who posted the link to the YouTube video 
  6. And had spotted a picture of the car involved earlier:

  7. The original video on YouTube has been posted by a new YouTube user:

  8. CrazyLeo - 4 février 2012 Rallye Perce-Neige 2012
  9. And by a little digging around and following more links, we find that the company who had commissioned the video have it embedded on their site too:
  10. All of which serves to illustrate that a Tweet is so much more powerful than just "140 characters"! One event is leading to videos, blog posts, forum posts, Tweets, sharing in 2 languages - and the last word from the Man himself: @CrazyLeoNet