Eric Schlosser, Command and Control, at KPCC

Live tweets of Eric Schlosser in discussion with @MikeShuster at Crawford Family Forum at KPCC. Topic: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Incident, and the Illusion of Safety

  1. We arrived at the KPCC Crawford Family Forum. I began tweeting about being @KPCC, then realized there's a dedicated twitter account for the forum, @KPCCforum.
  2. Schlosser opened by describing the Damascus TitanMissile incident. 

    (You can read the first chapter of his book at this link.)
  3. What kind of "human factors" work goes into the design of both the nukes themselves and the systems surrounding them to safeguard the weapons from accidental detonation?
  4. Um, correction. The actual link is here: 
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