Is 2015 the Year of Outsourcing for Mobile Apps Development?New Story


  1. The 2015 trend for mobile app development is moving towards out-sourcing. According to Michael Facemire from Forrester Research, mobile app development will move “away from a mentality of creating everything in-house… [and] successful teams will assemble pre-existing front-end components, or will create them where they don’t already exist.”

    What this means for small and medium-sized businesses is that the task of finding the right developers to build their mobile app will be tougher than ever. Finding the best developer to handle the back-end side of development will become disconnected from the developer handling the interface.

    Because of this trend, businesses are relying more on third party companies dedicated to handling the complicated task of sorting through the many developers with various levels of expertise in different mobile app departments. AppFutura is one such company that acts as a middle man connecting businesses with the mobile app developers best suited to their needs.

    AppFutura works by having vetted over 12000 mobile app developers to assess their strengths and specializations. Clients post projects to AppFutura, who will then assign a project manager to "actively look for the best candidates for each project, considering all the possible aspects: category of the app, features needed, budget, company, freelance, location,” etc. HBM
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