Integrative Cancer Treatment: A Case Report

In December of 2006, my wife, M, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It initially showed up as a lump in her right arm, which was assumed to be a fatty tumor, or lipoma.


  1. In December of 2006, my wife, M, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It initially showed up as a lump in her right arm, which was assumed to be a fatty tumor, or lipoma. She had slowly progressive fatigue, which we didn’t think much of at first. When the lump was biopsied, a “low grade” (typically slowly progressive) lymphoma was diagnosed. At the same time, M was found to have a fairly severe anemia, and further studies showed lymphoma activity all over one side of her body.
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  3. After some discussion, M decided to have the recommended chemotherapy regimen starting in February 2007, which was termed “chemo lite”, due to the absence of some of the more toxic drugs, integrated as much as possible with complementary and alternative therapies. In some respects, it seemed like we had been in training for this for years. I had started an Integrative Medicine practice in 1999, including Reiki levels I & II, and Master level in 2004. M. had also trained in Reiki. I had taken a two year fellowship in Integrative Medicine guided by Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona, and had taken training in Functional Medicine. Both M. and I had trained with Donna Eden in her wonderful system of Energy Medicine (, including a 5 day intensive in Costa Rica. A friend living locally had become expert in that system. We also had a dear friend in the Boston area who was an acupuncturist and and expert practitioner of Homeopathy, a system of nano-dose therapy initiated in the 1700’s by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.
  4. So, what did we do? First, our friend the acupuncturist/homeopath applied an anti-tumor technique he had learned from the founder of the New England School of Acupuncture. It involved multiple cycles of burning powdered moxa (mugwort) directly on two “secret” non-meridian points at the lower back. The method was painful, left M with permanent scars, but, within 2 hours, brought her from being barely able to make it up the stairs to a state of high energy, to the point of not wanting to go to sleep. Following this, we initiated a supplement program aimed at boosting the body’s immune functions, and encouraging the tumor cells to self-destruct. (Most cells in the body have the ability to self-destruct, called apoptosis, in order to make way for new cells. Most cancer cells have forgotten how to do this.) By the time of the first chemotherapy session 5 weeks later, M’s energy was better, and her seriously anemic blood count had risen 25%. In the meantime, we had been doing almost daily Reiki sessions brooklyn, and M. had met with our friend who was a skilled practitioner of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine. After a detailed evaluation, our friend initiated a series of maneuvers to balance and optimize M’s energy system, and prescribed a series of at-home self-practices for her to maintain and enhance the healing.
  5. Leading up to each cycle of chemotherapy, M stopped certain supplements, to be restarted after specific intervals, so as not to interfere with the metabolism and action of the drugs, but instead to enhance their effect, while limiting toxicity. Using the Eden technique during the chemotherapy sessions, we placed the bags and syringes of the chemotherapy drugs over key meridian points, noting any weaknesses that were induced, and then tonifying or strengthening the respective meridians. We also “treated” each dose of drug with Reiki for a few minutes prior to administration. This process was repeated for each of the six cycles of chemotherapy. M did not experience any nausea, had a very small amount of hair loss, and the only negative response was a bit of neuropathy in her feet, that she still experiences. M went into a full remission. She was actually back on the tennis courts after the first chemotherapy cycle. In addition to the methods just mentioned, M had regular acupuncture and homeopathy treatments, as well as a number of other modalities I won’t describe here due to lack of space. Seven years later, M is still in remission, and doing very well.
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  7. I have related this personal story not to boast, or to promote any “miracle” cure for lymphoma or any cancer. There is of course no way to prove that the other things we did beyond the conventional made a difference, although we both believe that they did. I present it as an example of how a truly integrative approach to treatment and healing can be applied and work—taking the best practices of the conventional and alternative fields, and harmonizing them into a whole system and whole person approach that is much more than the sum of its parts. For me, this is where we need to be heading with medicine and healing in the 21st Century.
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