Edshelf to shut down‏ - heartfelt blog post by co-founder mike lee

The most valuable resources for any startup--after the founders and the team--are money and time. Edshelf, a startup that built an online directory of education apps and tools, has run out of both.


  1. It deeply saddens me to say this, but edshelf will be shutting down.

    We weren't able to build edshelf into a sustainable business and the costs of running our service have depleted the company's and our personal savings. You may have seen the site offline numerous times in the last few weeks. Those outages unfortunately contributed to these expenses.
    I wish there was some way I could keep edshelf going. For nearly a year, I've looked at everything from investors to crowdfunding to bank loans and everything in between, but unfortunately none of them worked out. My team departed some time ago since their savings have long dried up, so I stubbornly plowed on for months, fed by IRA distributions, family loans, and the amazing patience of my wife and daughter. But I'm afraid I've come as far as I can go.
    Thank you so much for your generous support. It was all the kind messages, tweets, and emails about edshelf that kept me going in the face of these struggles. I saved every single one and often looked back at them to remind me of why I was doing all of this. I know I can speak for my team when I say we all are eternally grateful for your kindness and help.
    It was an honor to have been able to serve you and the education community. Educators everywhere give so much of themselves to help our future generations, and I hope that in some small way, we were able to make your lives a little bit easier.

    July 25th will be the last day for edshelf to remain online. I am deeply sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and will do whatever I can to ease the transition for you. If you would like any of your collections exported from edshelf, please let me know. I can export them as a bookmarks file that you can import into your browser or favorite bookmarking service, such as:

    Evernote (it can import bookmarks too)

    If you get this email after July 25th, don't worry, just email me and I can still export your collections for you.
    And if you are still on the hunt for great edtech tools, here are some fantastic resources you can use:

    Balefire Labs
    Teachers With Apps
    Educational App Store

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making our world a better place. Education is the foundation of society and your hard work is what enlightens and brightens future generations. Thank you.
    - Mike Lee, Co-founder of edshelf
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