Is Cognishield a Scam?


  1. By now you may have heard of a new supplement called Cognishield? This new nootropic product was launched in early 2016. Given it's relatively new existence, many people are wondering whether or not this product is actually a scam or whether it can actually help you.
  2. Ingredients
  3. The first thing you should look at is the ingredients. According to this Cognishield review, the ingredients are: noopept, choline, theanine, and phenyl, piracetam.
  4. The interesting thing is that all four of these ingredients have been studied. Noopept and phenyl-piracetam date back to the 1960s, where Russian scientists first began to test the world of nootropics. Studies suggest that noopept can protect the brain from damage due to oxidative stress, and choline helps stimulate the effects of other nootropic ingredients. Phenyl-piracetam is the most powerful form of piracetam, and considered to be one of the most effective cognitive enhances.
  5. Side Effects
  6. The next thing we looked at was the side effects. Well, we would've had there been any. This product has been carefully dosed so that it doesnt have any harmful effects on the body, and we're happy to say you should find your experience with this product both safe and enjoyable.
  7. Cost
  8. Finally, you have to look at the cost and billing practices. Some companies use shady "Free trial" offers to lure you into to trying the product, only to bill you like crazy days later. Cognishield is very open about their pricing, and although it does cost around $70 for a bottle of Cognishield, the ingredients are actually proven to work. So while you will actually pay more for this product than many other products, the results are also 10x better. You get what you pay for with regards to supplements, and based on everything we've found - you'd be smart to try Cognishield if you want real results.