Four Reasons to Try Patriot Power Greens


  1. Just recently I was given the opportunity to try out a new supplement called Patriot Power Greens. Manufactured by a company called "Patriot Health Alliance", Patriot Power Greens is an all-natural green drink designed to boost immune system function, restore wellness, and invigorate the body.
  2. I've been a big fan of green drinks for years now, but up until now I haven't found a green drink that meets my liking. However, I'm glad to have found Patriot Power Greens. I've been recommending it to all my friends and family for four main reasons:
  3. #1 - It's got 38 fruits and vegetables
  4. Seriously, what other green drink is going to have 38 fruits and vegetables? Let me give you a hint - there aren't any? I was astounded to discover that PPG (my nickname for the product) had so many vegetables and it's an easy way to make sure you get some of the most essential nutrients every day.
  5. #2 - It tastes fantastic
  6. Green drinks have a tendency of tasting..well gross. That's because many green drinks use too many grasses which creates a bitter, unbearable taste. Not Patriot Power Greens. Patriot Power Greens tastes great, mixes well, and is easy to drink. It's got a slightly sweet taste, almost like a berry taste.
  7. #3 - It's affordable compared to other green drinks
  8. We looked at some of the leading competitors for Patriot Power Greens and found the serving price to cost over $3 per serving. Nobody should pay that much for a serving of green drink. With PPG, we purchased a 5-bottle supply and managed to get our serving cost at around $1 per serving, only 33% the cost of other competitors.
  9. #4 - The health benefits are real
  10. Seriously, I was a bit surprised when I started taking Patriot Power Greens. Within weeks, I had a sense of rejuvenation so to speak. I woke up feeling great in the morning, and it's part of my daily routine now to take PPG in the morning. It starts my day off right and I feel energized and motivated to take on the day every day.
  11. Where can I find more information?
  12. I have a more detailed review of Patriot Power Greens at my site: