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Do Beard Oil Products Like Beard Czar Really Work?


  1. In a sudden and unexplainable turn of events, beards are suddenly the "cool" thing to have in the United States. It seems like almost every guy wants to grow a beard - no matter how poorly or patchy it may be.
  2. With the growth of beards (quite literally) has created a need for beard care products - like Beard Czar for example. These products promise to help guys grow, maintain, and otherwise take care of their beards - but do they really work?
  3. How Beard Oil Products Work
  4. The basis for how beard oil products work is pretty simple. Most guys have coarse, rough beards that their counterparts aren't necessarily a big fan of. It's not because of a lack of hygeine or anything like that; it's just how beards grow.
  5. So what exactly do beard oil products do?
  6. First and most importantly, beard oil provides nourishment to a beard. With essential vitamins and minerals, a man can grow a healthier, stronger beard. Missing these essential nutrients is what causes a beard to grow sporadically and poorly, so taking care of your beard with beard oil is vital if you want it to grow stronger.
  7. Second, beard oil works to penetrate the actual hair follicles of the beard to moisturize and soften the beard. Instead of having a rough or course feel, the beard is soft. This doesn't eliminate the "manliness" to a beard whatsoever, but it does make your beard grow healthier, feel better, and look much better.
  8. Finding the Right Product
  9. The key to success is finding the right beard oil product for you. To ensure success, you'll want to make sure any product you have has ingredients like:
  10. - Biotin
  11. - Vitamin A
  12. - Vitamin E
  13. - Zinc
  14. - Magnesium
  15. These vitamins and minerals have been researched and studies show that they do improve and help to support the health of a man's beard. Most men see results within a few weeks, but some guys report feeling a softer beard within just a few days.
  16. To answer our original question - yes beard products can and do work. Beard Czar is our personal favorite, but there are plenty to choose from based on your individual needs.