A Smarter, Better-Aligned New Marketing Service Model for Contractors

In the cutthroat world of residential contracting, those who stand out succeed.


  1. In the cutthroat world of residential contracting, those who stand out succeed. One way of doing this, of course, is to develop a reputation for doing high quality, timely work, and most contractors do seek to build up this asset. That can take a long time, though, and too many contractors find themselves wondering how to sustain their companies until that point is reached.

    In many cases, then, making use of expert marketing consultants can be a good idea. Especially today, when the Internet has become a primary means of seeking out service providers, skilled marketers can really make a difference for a contracting company. Some contracting businesses that have seen their websites move up to the first page in Google's search results, for example, have reported that their actual business levels doubled thereafter.

    The problem, of course, is that it is not always obvious just how much value a given marketing company provides. In fact, some marketers seem to be better about playing up their own capabilities than those of their clients, leaving customers feeling, in the end, like they got taken. That can be bad news for a contracting company that has relatively little in the way of resources to waste. Marketing money that fails to produce new leads, it should be obvious, is simply wasted, as nothing is thereby acquired.

    There are other options, though. A new generation of marketing services has moved to a model that makes a lot more sense for those in the contracting industry. Companies of this kind, like Superfastleads, only charge fees for those leads they produce that actually turn into business. Recognizing that many contractors have been ill-served by other marketing agencies in the past, they have created a system that makes a lot more sense for these customers.

    Those looking into Leads for Contractors only need to sign up at roofing contractor leads or a similar site, after which virtually everything else will be handled for them. Instead of putting down money upfront, and often on an ongoing basis, a contractor can focus on other things, knowing that the new marketing partner has a strong, proper incentive to produce new work for the company.

    Companies like that at superfastleads.com, then, present a much more attractive proposition to contractors who seek out more business. Since bringing in new business is such an important priority for so many contractors, it seems likely that this new option will become even more popular with time.