Simone Da’ Costa Launches New Children’s Alphabet Rhyming Book

Author publishes exciting new children’s book. Simone Da’ Costa Launches New Alphabet Rhyming Book for Three- to Six-Year Olds


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    Author releases a interesting fresh creation for youthful readers.

    TORONTO, ON, June 4, 2013, Da Costa’s Empire Publishing is happy to publicize the launch of Simone Da Costa’s innovative book for children three- to six-year olds, A Silly Rhyming Alphabet Book About Animals From A to Z.

    With its distinct animal characters - a few already familiar to readers, others new - completely fun-filled, colorful illustrations, the book will willingly engage children’s interest while using rhyme to teach them the alphabet. Each animal character is presented as playful, and has a distinctive personality that can be discovered all the way through the book.

    "Children will learn while happily discovering each animal’s personality," says Simone Da Costa. "The vivacious animals are unforgettable in their presence and in their actions and will be remembered for years to come - this book will soon become a treasured favourite."

    Other authors have commented on Da Costa’s book:

    "The creativity of A Silly Rhyming Alphabet Book about Animals from A to Z is displayed in the unnatural environments the animals live in and in the actions the animals undertake. Animals driving cars, ironing, escaping the is all way too much imaginative fun!" Ann Fields,author of Fuller’s Curse(

    "A Silly Rhyming Alphabet Book has an enchanting aesthetic. Its strong, vibrant colours, lively illustrations, memorable animal characters and easy-to-read format make this book a delightful addition to any children’s library." David Tucker, author of One Way Ticket(

    "A Silly Rhyming Alphabet Book about Animals from A to Z is a colourful introduction to the letters from A to Z. Brightly illustrated animals take you on their personal journey, as they connect with every reader."Ruby Wooten, author of
    Spike’s Son - The Story of A Friesian Colt(
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    About the author:

    Author, publisher and freelance newspaper writer, Simone Da’ Costa lives in Ontario, Canada. Additionally to the many magazine articles, she has two other books previously published, Remember to Pray and 2013 Day Planner. She’s currently working on another children’s story called Emily’s Day At The Farm, which will be released later on this year.
    Simone also operates Simone’s Blog - Depicting the writer in you.The blog spotlights published, self-published and eBook authors by way of exclusive, in-depth author interviews.
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