stoRIOfy: to follow news and views on Rio+20, from D-8 to D-2

Rio+20 - the short name for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 20-22 June 2012. As a partner and a contributor of the Rio+20 conference, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT wants to help stakeholders follow what's being discussed in and about Rio+20.


  1. Nations call for focus on disaster risk reduction at Rio+20
    Nations call for focus on disaster risk reduction at Rio+20
  2. D-8

    Focus on the crucial importance of Rio+20

         Eight days before the summit, many actors are mobilizing themselves to reaffirm the importance of the Conference.
  3. Achim Steiner, Under Secretary General UN, and Pavan Sukhdev, a professor at Yale University, signed an article where they underline their deep concerns about the Conference outcome, but reaffirm its crucial signification, and defend the concept of green economy.
  4. Young people are also mobilizing for the summit, through the implementation of many initiatives before Rio +20, but also the organization of several side-events during the Conference.
  5. D-7

    Leadership, a key problematic for Rio 20
  6.      Seven days before the summit, the issue of leadership emerges, with the confirmation of the absence of U.S. President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron. The ambitions of the Conference are also main concerns, while begins today the third and final Preparatory Committee meeting of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro.
  7. Confirmation of the absence of Barack Obama and David Cameron, who will not be at Rio+20, unlike Vladimir Poutine or the indian president Manmohan Singh, brings up the question of leadership, and suggests the increasing weight of emerging countries in decisions related to sustainable development in globalization
  8. Hollywood Calls on President Obama to Lead at the Rio+20 Earth Summit
  9. D-6

  10. D-5

  11. Many media emphasize the need to find a consensus with the slow pace of negotiations ahead of Rio +20. Several themes are gaining visibility to a few days before the summit, pushed by players convinced of their importance.