Edublogs Commonly Asked Question: How do I explain students & parents how to find my class blog?

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  1. The Complete Question: How do I explain to students & parents how to find my class blog? Do they search using Google? What info do I give?
  2. The Answer: Educators use a wide range of approaches to make sure students and parents can easily find their class blog.  Our recommendations are the more ways you let them know how to find your class blog the better you will be helping them!  And the less frustrated everyone will be!Relying on them being able to find your blog by searching Google or writing the blog URL from the board aren't good approaches -- we get a lot of emails from parents and students frustrated trying to look for a needle in the Google haystack or totally confused how to access a class blog.  We also get at least one email a week saying my class blog isn't Googleable -- which is fun trying to explain how long it can take sites to index well in Google.  Below are examples of the approaches used by educators:
  3. Include links to class blogs from the school website:
  4. Give them business cards or magnets:
  5. Business cards, magnets and weekly newsletter:
  6. Example of Mrs Jefferson Business Card:
  7. @edublogs @suewaters Ways I share my website info with parents... #ebshare
  8. Example of Mrs Jefferson Fridge magnet
  9. Example of Mrs Jefferson Weekly newsletter:
  10. Link on teacher websites and add to email signature:
  11. Quite a few use QR Code and say great for creating a buzz!
  12. Example of using a QR Code: