Digital Curation - use in education

Digital curation is the selection, preservation, maintenance, collection and archiving of digital assets such as digital images, web links and movie files. Often educators are curating resources but aren't aware due to confusion on what is digital curation.


  1. This information has been curated from thoughts shared on Twitter by educators on "Do you curate? What tools do you use? Why you curate? Why you don't curate? Are you confused by what is digital curation?" 

    This storify is en example of digital curation.  I use Storify like this to collect ideas together in one location that I can refer back to later, share with my networks or gather ideas that I eventually use to write blog posts.  Blogs posts are another way of curating information. 
  2. So what is digital curation?

  3. Check out this great Google Presentation on Curation by John Pearce
  4. And this Google Presentation on Student curation by John Pearce
  5. What tools do we like to use to curate?

  6. Scoopit!
  7. Pearltress