ETMOOC Blogging questions

I'm facilitating a series of sessions on blogging for ETMOOC and I've created this Storify to collate the topics that participants have suggested I include or they would like to know. I'm using a Storify to help me plan the session and help others think about what else they would like included.


  1. About ETMOOC

  2. Refer to the following link to learn more about ETMOOC.
  3. Introduction to blogging session

  4. There is a repeat session on Introduction to blogging this week because there was an issue with the BlackBoard Collaborate recording.

    It was more of an intro to the pedagogical aspects of blogging as opposed to the technical 'How do:   Refer to the link below titled 'Learning through blogging as part of a connectivist MOOC' to check out the information covered during the Intro to blogging session. 
  5. Below are links / thoughts shared by participants in chat during the first intro to blogging session:

  6. Commenting tip: when blogging, try to end your post with a question so that will start the conversation with your readers

  7. Advanced blogging session

    The advanced blogging session is later this week (refer to ) . 

  8. Linking
  9. Commenting Etiquette and commenting tips