Jules Bristow

Entomology, chemical ecology, sci pol & sci com, environment, feminism, West Africa, cycling, Open Access, gardening, caffeine, running, cats. Quaker.

AmnestyUK Media Team

Human rights news and information from the Amnesty UK press team. You can also follow @amnestyuk for actions

Brenda Smith

A teeny garden centre in Burnage, run by Brenda, with a strong focus on sustainability. https://t.co/qRZCAEGiyG

Andy HL

I have no idea what to write here.

Life, joy, truth, equality, music! // blogging (team since 9/4/13!): eating in/out, inspired by @PeaSoupEats Profile pic @drawing_daily *ENJOY!*

Susan Ringsell

Trone Brand Energy, U.S.; ABC UK; AdMonsters, Digiday. Susan Ringsell specialises in PR and digital events. Talk to me.

Mark Henderson

Eurocrat tweeting on European and Chinese politics, travel, food & life in Brussels. From Hadrian, through Berlin to Great, Always near Walls. Until now...

Ruairi O Dulaing

Proud Public Servant. Innovator. Hurling. Tomorrow the Sun will Rise. Who knows what the Tide will bring.

Reverend Thom

91% stress, 13% surreal jokes, -4% maths. Opinions not my own, stole them from a mate while he was sleeping.

. visual communication . #socialmedia #onlinemarketing #intelligentDiscussions #runner #researcher #indefatigable #cyberSafely #stayingInformed #news [ENTJ]


all things design; the everyday and the sublime

Tracey Morris

Once a museum curator & arts administrator. Now a wife and mother of four. I'm not nearly as calm as I seem.

Louis Redux

Current synthetic organic chemist + future biologist, OU Student, GEEK, father, husband, bipolar, rugby union lover (Tigers), comedy fan...+ a lot more besides.

Chris Warburton

Journalist for @BritSafe. Workplace health and safety, employment relations, politics, the arts, concrete buildings. Views mine. http://t.co/npt4anhu6Q

Chris Lavery

Journalism student. Film nerd. Looks a bit like Cameron Frye.