AmnestyUK Media Team

Human rights news and information from the Amnesty UK press team. You can also follow @amnestyuk for actions

Brenda Smith

A teeny garden centre in Burnage, run by Brenda, with a strong focus on sustainability.

Andy HL

I have no idea what to write here.

Life, joy, truth, equality, music! // blogging (team since 9/4/13!): eating in/out, inspired by @PeaSoupEats Profile pic @drawing_daily *ENJOY!*

Susan Ringsell

Trone Brand Energy, U.S.; ABC UK; AdMonsters, Digiday. Susan Ringsell specialises in PR and digital events. Talk to me.

Mark Henderson

Eurocrat tweeting on European and Chinese politics, travel, food & life in Brussels. From Hadrian, through Berlin to Great, Always near Walls. Until now...

Ruairi O Dulaing

Proud Public Servant. Innovator. Hurling. Tomorrow the Sun will Rise. Who knows what the Tide will bring.

Reverend Thom

91% stress, 13% surreal jokes, -4% maths. Opinions not my own, stole them from a mate while he was sleeping.

. visual communication . #socialmedia #onlinemarketing #intelligentDiscussions #runner #researcher #indefatigable #cyberSafely #stayingInformed #news [ENTJ]


all things design; the everyday and the sublime

Tracey Morris

Once a museum curator & arts administrator. Now a wife and mother of four. I'm not nearly as calm as I seem.

Louis Redux

Current synthetic organic chemist + future biologist, OU Student, GEEK, father, husband, bipolar, rugby union lover (Tigers), comedy fan...+ a lot more besides.

Chris Warburton

Journalist for @BritSafe. Workplace health and safety, employment relations, politics, the arts, concrete buildings. Views mine.

Chris Lavery

Journalism student. Film nerd. Looks a bit like Cameron Frye.

Small coo. Talks cowpat.