Interested in everything. Some to the point of obsession...others for a second.

Women For Bernie

Let's Organize for Bernie! #FeelTheBern #Women4Bernie #BernieSanders #Bernie2016

Syed Zeeshan Zaidi

Harriet Agerholm

Newspaper Journalism MA @CityUniLondon, words @frontlineclub

The Great Valerio

Funambulist. Has no friends.

Maria Michalopoulou

People over markets. Social justice.That's all.

Jack of Diamonds 

If it ain't empirical, it ain't so!

Laura Brown

Writer, Feminist, Producer, Geek, Tech, PR. Director @ Digibot. Interested in cities, urbanism, healthy food and telling stories. And a secret ninja. Dammit


Internationale Solidarität

De strandjutter

Altijd op zoek naar handvaten voor een betere wereld.

Adam Smith

TV AP with three dreams: lotto win, fishmonger and HGV driver.

Mike Sheridan

Football writer and photographer.

Brixton Pound

A world-famous initiative, but distinctly and proudly Brixton. Sign up for a free account and discover a better way to experience money and support the area.

Jane Healey

Mom. Wife of @ungashick. Writer who loves helping companies figure out social media. Foodie. Aspiring runner. Coffee addict. Europhile.