NUT, WI, LOFC, (Clapton too) Crafts/needlewoman, mum, ret'd teacher. FF those who amuse & inform, Un-ff misogynists & bigots! Must change avatar to a Wyvern


STEM | Architecture & Construction

Jai Bhim

Annihilate caste, class & patriarchy. Read THE ANNIHILATION OF CASTE: Savarna,male


Jamie Lamb

Funk duckling.

Carlos Figuerero

Mi religion se llama Proyecto Nacional y Popular K porque la historia me convirtio

Victor Martin J Hunt

Gwen Van Spijk

I work with amazing artists to produce performance and public engagement projects, tweets about and around that and other things I believe in (inc Everton FC).

Jules Bristow

Entomology, chemical ecology, sci pol & sci com, environment, feminism, West Africa, cycling, Open Access, gardening, caffeine, running, cats. Quaker.

AmnestyUK Media Team

Human rights news and information from the Amnesty UK press team. You can also follow @amnestyuk for actions

Brenda Smith

A teeny garden centre in Burnage, run by Brenda, with a strong focus on sustainability.

Andy HL

I have no idea what to write here.

Life, joy, truth, equality, music! // blogging (team since 9/4/13!): eating in/out, inspired by @PeaSoupEats Profile pic @drawing_daily *ENJOY!*

Susan Ringsell

#PublicRelations #Events: premium advertising for publishers, brands, agencies & tech firms @Digiday. Published #writer. Love #lifehacking & working #freelance.

Mark Henderson

Eurocrat tweeting on European and Chinese politics, travel, food & life in Brussels. From Hadrian, through Berlin to Great, Always near Walls. Until now...