Ingeborg Senneset

Tenker. Leser. Skriver. Maler. Mener. Sykepleier. Kunst. // Thinking. Reading. Writing. Painting. Opinions. Nurse. Art. // Journalist, Aftenposten.

Sheila Blanchette

Author of The Reverse Commute & Take Me Home, HuffPost contributor, blogger, Escaped from a cubicle, NH girl Recent Immigrant to the Strange Land of So Florida

felix grobe

Writer, student at UEA. I tweet about games and cartoons and comics because I have the interests of a 9-year old.

Oliver Balaam

The watered down one, the one you know.


Human rights, cake, turf and other groceries. Likes to place unexpected items in the bagging area.

Rachel Rogers

Councillor, Chair of WPBC Labour Group, West Dorset PPC. Linguist. Pro-transparency/social justice. Views mine, RTs maybe.

The Negatory

Matthew. Hackney. Sweary. NUFC. RoR samba. Photographer. Birder. Baker. Crap carpenter. Geek. Cyclist. Mainly grumpy.

Index Events

Thinking, speaking, acting freely.

Γιώργος Κανετάκης

Samira Ahmed

Freelance Journo BBC,Visiting Prof Kingston Uni.Spiritual Berliner,ex-LosAngeleno,movie connoisseur,especially Westerns&SF.Writes on culture/politics/religion


Blogging on the subject of politics, economics, psychology, activism and other things I don't understand.

Jennie Rigg

Bi, poly, geek Liberal. Whovian. Metalhead. Mother. Chair elect @calderdale_ld. Establishment sellout.

Isla Boag

PhD research student at the University of Strathclyde & librarian. Radical opinion-haver. Opinions are my own

Sometimes you have to roar your truth because silence is intolerable. #fuckhonour