"Games deserve better than the games industry."

One tough community manager has some choice words and a personal tale regarding the state of games today.


  1. Note: Most of the intro, outro, and interstitiary bits of text are explanation for those who stumble upon this and aren't really keeping up with the state of affairs. Feel free to skip those and just read the tweets for the core message (and save a bunch of time.)
  2. In recent days as of this storify, a petition was put forth by Mark Kern in regards to the portrayal of gamers, the games industry, and the GamerGate movement/scandal/whatever-they're-calling-themselves-today. Mark Kern, best remembered for his ejection from Red 5 Studios after nearly killing them and their nigh-eternally-beta'd MMO, Firefall. In this petition, Kern calls for games media outlets, specifically Kotaku and Polygon, to help "heal the rift and fix the damage [they] have caused" to the image of gamers and gaming.
  3. Presumably, Kern is trying to lay the blame for the PR disaster and public menace that is GamerGate at the feet of those reporting on it. An attempt to shoot the messenger, as it were. Other figures, such as the vocal and usually unfiltered YouTube icon TotalBiscuit and Ken Levine, still a topic of controversy for various portrayals in the recent Bioshock Infinite, offered public support for the petition. Other outlets, such as VG247 called the petition and its supporters out for what it is: blatantly ignorant of the reality of what GamerGate has persisted in doing for the past seven months or so.
  4. As someone who was dealing with what would become the 'gate months before it coalesced, @PetiteMistress had some choice words about the whole affair. She retweeted a comment regarding it by critic and academic Brendan Keogh before laying into things herself.
  5. For those unaware, Dina is community manager at Comcept, who is making Mighty Number 9, the next pet project of Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune. Prior to her hire, she suggested a female version of the game's lead character, Beck, be made playable for the sake of equality. They liked the idea and her enthusiasm for the project, which provided a fun aside when she later showed up for an interview when an opening became available at Comcept.
  6. Finding out their new community manager had dared suggest a female character led to a great deal of harassment. This would be followed by a second wave of similar and possibly more intense harassment after GamerGate kicked off as discussion of and by the hate mob was being policed on the Mighty Number 9 forums, leading 'gate members who had backed the game to attempt boycotts and demand refunds of their Kickstarter payments.
  7. Her story continues, however.