Gold Coast Car Driver Training


  1. Learn The Easy Way To Drive A Car

  2. Learning to drive a manual transmission car is easier than it looks. Below are a few tips on how to start the car, shift the gears and start driving. Patience is most important while learning to drive, so don’t get disappointed if you don’t get it right the first time you try.
  3. Safety, ensure that you are in a secluded area with enough space to move forward.

    1. Before starting the car, play around with the gear stick while the clutch is pushed all the way in, to find out exactly where each gear is and how to get there smoothly and easily. Gold Coast Car Driver Training added; to find neutral which is, usually in the middle where the stick can easily be moved from side to side without the clutch being engaged.

    2. With the gear shift in neutral, push the clutch pedal in all the way down and turn the key to start the car.

    3. With the clutch still depressed, move the gear stick into first gear and slowly start to release the pressure on the clutch. The car will start moving forward. Play with feeling of where the “biting” point is just before the car stalls. Practice until you know just where that point is.

    4. As soon as you feel the point where the engine is becoming engaged, the “biting” point, slowly begin to add some gas. If you give too little gas the car will stall, if you give too much the engine will start overheating and burn out the clutch. If you take your foot off the clutch while the car is in first gear, it will leap forward before stalling.

    5. While engaged in first gear, you want to get to the happy medium where you can play with letting the clutch in slightly just before the engine stalls, and adding a little more gas, which will keep the car stationery just waiting for some more gas to get going.

    6. You will be able to hear when the point is reached where you need to push the clutch down, let go of the gas pedal, and shift to second gear. Let out the clutch smoothly and gently accelerate. Repeat this action going into third and finally into fourth gear, when you will be in cruising speed.

    Congratulate yourself when you have managed to get the hang of it, and enjoy your driving experience.
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