Chairman of the Board: How to Make Your Food Truck Menu Sing

Take a look at the different ways food truck chefs share their menus. From no-tech to high-tech, the possibilities are endless. What's your menu board style? Still deciding? Mix and match ideas to create your own look, while avoiding some common mistakes.


  1. The menu board is brief and orders come in a plain white wrapper, but if you take a big bite and close your eyes you can almost see the flavors sparking through your nervous system.
  2. Some have slick marketing plans with glossy menus and Twitter accounts. Others are more humble, with simple printouts of their menu on sidewalk placards or taped on the trucks' side.
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  4. We have one good looking menu board!!
  5. Gorilla Cheese NYC @gcnyc1 uses colored chalk to draw attention to its vast array of menu items.
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  7. However, there can be too much of a good thing. If you cram your menu full of tiny type, some customers could have a difficult time ordering. After all, you're a food truck. No one expects the full-blown menu of a bricks-and-mortar restaurant.
  8. Food trucks seem to have become quite the popular novelty food concept over the last few years.  I think one reason food trucks seem to be notoriously good is that the limited space and resources allows/forces the chefs to keep their menu extremely focused
  9. Menu boards also need to be clean, readable, and visible from distance.
  10. What I mean by clean menu boards is how many items on your menu are covered over with masking tape? Or covered with a pieces of paper or have hand written prices with markers? What this tells me is that the menu board that the owner created were not very changeable. And lets face it, there is no such thing as a menu board that will not change.  Just realize right now that once you put a menu board on your wall it will be changing in the future.
  11. When you think about grabbing a customer's attention with a menu board, combine the best of novelty, simplicity and style.
  12. The hardwood trimmed main door to the trailer, held open at 180 degrees, serves as the life-sized daily menu board for Port Fonda.
  13. A good rule of thumb when writing the descriptions of your menu items is to keep it short and simple. But the description should be vivid and enticing- enough to make a guest’s mouth water.
  14. @Bubba_Q_Truck uses a rewritable section for daily specials as part of its permanent menu display.
  15. While many food trucks keep it simple and write a chalk menu each day — perhaps even changing menu items daily — one food truck has the deep pockets to finance something a bit snazzier. Fast food chain Jack in the Box has a 34′-long Munchie Mobile food truck that boasts a 47-inch digital menu board.
  16. Jack's Munchie Mobile, a Jack in the Box creation, needed a digital menu that could have menu items added and removed, and prices changed easily.