Storify your Twitter archive

Twitter (finally) allows you to download all your tweets. That's a great opportunity to go back down memory lane and surface the stories that you always wanted to tell.

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  1. We use social media to document our lives. There is something special in being able to look back at what we've done in the past through the tweets, instagrams, facebook statuses that we posted. The success of TimeHop is a great testament of that. 
  2. Twitter finally started rolling out a much requested feature: the ability to download all your tweets. 
  3. So we couldn't resist to make it easy to help you Storify all those tweets! Today we released an updated version of our Bookmarklet that works great on your offline Twitter Archive. You can install it on our tools page (if you already have our Bookmarklet, you'll need to remove it and add it back).
  4. How to use it?

    Once you've downloaded your Twitter Archive, open it and click on the bookmarklet to activate it. It will add a link "Add to Storify" below each tweet (just before the link "View on Twitter").
  5. Click on this new link below the tweet that you want to add to one of your stories (or you can enter a new story title in the dropdown menu, it will create a new story for you).
  6. Example

  7. I could find back tweets from 2009, when I first incorporated the company that would become Storify! 
  8. What are the stories that you will tell with this new feature? Let us know!