#mozfest social media highlight (day 2)

Day 2 of Mozilla festival


  1. 18:35 Key note by Mark Surman
  2. 18:10 ~ One Millionth Tower = Interactive documentary + popcorn.js
  3. Premiere: One Millionth Tower High-Rise Documentary Takes Format to New Heights By Angela Watercutter November 5, 2011  |  12:30 pm  |  Categories: internet, movies How to Watch This Movie If you start the film by clicking ‘Explore,’ then you’re the director. Here’s how it works. 1. The mouse or arrow keys control the camera; use them to move throughout the 3-D world of the film. 2. Each image with a title tells a different story. Click or press ‘Enter’ to find out what it is. 3. Tap floating boxes to get additional information from Wikipedia or images from Flickr. 4. Is it getting dark in there? Or lighter? That’s intentional. The environment changes based on the time and weather conditions at the Toronto high-rises where the documentary was filmed. 5. The ‘Whole World’ section will find a high-rise tower similar to the one in the documentary in any country you choose and display it using Google Maps’ street view. 6. Get lost? Hitting ‘Return’ brings you back to the center of the environment. To
  4. 17:30 ~ Keynotes at day 2
  5. Planning and hacking in all over the place