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Zingers and Facts: Top 10 Storified quotes from the presidential debate

Last night was the first presidential debate for the upcoming election and Storify users quoted many voices to tell the story. Here are the most used.


  1. These are the most quoted media elements by Storify users telling the story of the first presidential debate last night. From comedians to fact-checkers, see the top ten Storified quotes, as in the media elements used the most in multiple stories:
  2. 1. Comedian Conan O'Brien sarcastically speculates on Governor Mitt Romney's debate prep:
  3. 2. Fact check: Think Progress has details on Romney's tax plan:
  4. 3. Big Bird and PBS were trending, according to Twitter's official count:
  5. 4. President Barack Obama took aim at Romney's pledge:
  6. 5. Social commentator Bill Maher recapped the winner, the loser and Jim Lehrer's performances:
  7. 6. says no to Romney's Medicare plans:
  8. 7. NFL running back Reggie Bush thinks that Romney won the debate, but Obama will win re-election:
  9. 8. PolitiFact rejects the statement that Obamacare is a government takeover of health care:
  10. 9. Romney calls Obama "bro" during the debate in this YouTube video sampled from the debate:
  11. Mitt Romney Calls Obama Bro in national debate
  12. 10. Vice President Joe Biden summarizes the debate from his point of view: