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Clicking the Like button on any story gives that story one vote as Story Of The Year. The author of the top story will win an iPad 2. And just for voting, you can also enter a drawing for another iPad 2.


  1. Thanks to all our amazing users, this was a good year for Storify. We were named one of Time Magazine's 50 Best Web Sites, and one of Entrepreneur Magazine's 100 Brilliant Companies. More than 4 million times in 2011, our users curated social media into a story. 

    When journalists were arrested and protesters pepper-sprayed, the Occupy Wall Street movement turned to Storify more than any other platform to tell one of the biggest stories of the year. Student journalists stepped up to cover the news on Storify when professionals in the field were being arrested.

    Now it's your turn to help us choose Storify's best stories of 2011. What makes a great social media story? We've pulled together 10 nominees for the Storify Story Of The Year. But you can vote for any Storify story just by clicking on our new Like button, now at the top of every Storify story. So you can vote for any Storify story, including your own, for Storify Story Of The Year. 

    Clicking the Like button on any story gives that story one vote as Story Of The Year. You can like as many stories as you want, but you can only like each story once. The story with the most Likes on Dec. 29 wins Story Of The Year, and the author will get an iPad. There will be a running tally of the most-liked stories on our Story Of The Year page

  2. You can also win an iPad just for voting. When you click Like on a story, you'll be prompted to tweet about it. Everyone who does that will be automatically entered into a drawing for another iPad 2. 

    Below are the 10 stories we nominate as Storify stories of the year, in alphabetical order of the Storify user:

  3. Nominee: Adbusters' important documentation of police brutality incidents at Occupy protests

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  5. Nominee: Anthony De Rosa's detailed timeline of protest, revolution and uprising in 2011.

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  7. Nominee: Brandon Ballenger's fascinating saga of Sean Power tracking his stolen laptop

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  9. Nominee: Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta's touching story about a 1-year-old's ear surgery

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  11. Nominee: Glenda Kwek's powerful collection of tweets and photos from the U.K. riots in August

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  13. Nominee: Josh Stearns' admirable inventory of reporter arrests at Occupy protests

  14. So far 32 journalists have been arrested, 10 of which were arrested in NYC on Nov. 15. Note: Scroll to the bottom for the most recent updates. If you are concerned about the press suppression you are seeing, please take a moment and call on your Mayor to defend the 1st Amendment.