1. If you use Google Chrome, be sure to pick up the Storify Chrome extension. It's a handy time saver for regular Storify users that also unlocks some of our favorite power features for the service.
  2. Anyone can get it free here:
  3. Shortcuts on your favorite sites

  4. Once installed, you'll see Storify icons on the bottom of things like tweets or Facebook posts when browsing those sites. Simply click these to send them straight to your Storify account.
  5. Storify icons will appear on public Facebook posts...
  6. ... and any tweets on Twitter.
  7. Don't see a Storify icon on the site or social network you're currently visiting? You can also right-click public content to see the option to Storify it.
  8. With the Chrome extension installed, right click on public content to reveal the option to Storify it.
  9. Where do saved items go when I Storify them?

  10. When you Storify something from your browser, a modal will appear showing you it's being added to "saved elements."
  11. when Storifying something in your browser, this modal appears
  12. The next time you're editing a story, click over to Saved Elements in the Storify source, and you can drag and drop anything you saved with the Chrome extension into your stories:
  13. the Saved Elements area in the Storify source
  14. Ready to be an advanced storyteller? Try these moves.

  15. If you want to Storify an entire website or article, click the Storify icon in the browser bar at the top:
  16. This is perfect for adding specific research or supporting articles related to your story.
  17. Better yet, Storify selections of text from anywhere online.
  18. If you highlight and right-click text from articles or other pages online, you can create a Storify element that calls out your selection:
  19. highlight and right click on text from an article...
  20. ...and you can create an element highlighting the selection in your story
  21. Storifying a selection of text is an excellent way to emphasize the highlight of an article or page for readers but still link to the source material, like this:
  22. To kick off the launch of Storify Enterprise, we're unveiling a new story editing experience and fulfilling one of our biggest feature requests ever: Real-time Collaboration
  23. (FINALLY) a way to save Twitter conversations easily