Think Gif-erent.

Storify can now tap into a new area of Google search to deliver the Internet's favorite file format to your stories.

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  1. Have you heard? This week, Google started rolling out an update to its popular image search aimed specifically at sniffing out GIFs. 
  2. Storify has supported animated GIFs in stories for quite a while, but finding relevant ones has always been a chore. That's why today we're excited to extend these results to our editor in the Google area.
  3. Adding the perfect GIF to your story is simple

  4. When using the story editor, click on the the Google icon and select "gif." You'll be given previews of the most relevant GIFs for any words or topics you type in. Yay! 
  5. GIFs are great for a lot more than just funny cat animations

  6. There's no doubt GIFs are everywhere these days. They've infiltrated every communication channel as a way to express reactions, and more recently they've become the medium for the media to spread pop culture moments as they're born.

    So the next time you're covering something that's trending, make your story a little more animated. Combined with other recent additions like Storify search and Vine videos, it's never been easier to make the web tell a story. 

    Right, Tommy Lee Jones?
  7. Well. Some of us are excited at least.
  8. Enjoy, everyone. And thanks for sharing your stories.

    --Your friends at Storify