The Best Storytelling Platform Just Got Better


  1. Get a demo of Storify 2 now, it will change how you publish content forever.

    I was introduced to Storify in 2011. The platform was already making huge waves among content creators, transforming storytelling for over 850,000 marketers and journalists. I was immediately blown away by the simplicity, the drag and drop functionality and the wealth of social content available within Storify. But more than anything, I remember how inspired I was by the possibilities — what this platform could be at full potential.

    Based on where Livefyre was headed, we decided to acquire the world’s leading social curation platform in 2013. Fast forward two years, and I can confidently say that we’ve taken Storify to the next level.

    Today, we’re introducing the ultimate storytelling platform — Storify 2. Built directly into the Livefyre Engagement Cloud, Storify 2 brings the power of real-time storytelling right to the newsroom, giving editors the tools to tell stories faster than ever before. Storify 2 brings user generated content from all over the web right to every editor and marketers’ fingertips instantly to remix into their own news or brand stories. And the brand new mobile app let’s them post their own content from anywhere.

    Editors are under pressure to produce more content faster than they ever have in history. The problem is that they don’t have the tools to deliver at the break-neck speed that news happens today. Storify 2 is built to operate at massive scale, and turns even the largest newsrooms and marketing teams into real-time content publishing powerhouses. Storify 2 was built with collaboration in mind, it’s the first ever editor that let’s you see what others are adding to the page in real-time.

    I’m incredibly excited by the possibilities this enables for every publisher and brand. Here’s what Storify 2 users can look forward to:

    - Meeting (and exceeding) the demand for content: stay on top of that real-time pace by identifying and publishing relevant content from reporters and readers directly into dynamic visual narratives, all with easy drag and drop features.
  2. - Collaborating anytime, anywhere: simultaneously add updates from the newsroom or the field and restructure stories as they unfold, ensuring quality in coverage and maximizing publishing speed.
  3. - Keeping readers engaged: give readers the ability to navigate a narrative by key events and allow them to voice thoughts and opinions within the story itself using Sidenotes.
  4. - Giving content new life: for the first time ever, publishers can store captured social content for later use in follow-up stories or evergreens, repurposing readers’ most powerful memories and bringing them to life again and again.
  5. “As a Twitter Official Partner, Livefyre is perfectly positioned to offer publishers the tools to tell great stories,” said Lauren Jenkins, Sr. Global Program Manager of the Twitter Official Partner Program. “Armed with Twitter’s entire historical archive, publishers can find relevant content for any type of story, whether it’s breaking that very moment or it happened two years ago.”

    With Storify 2, editors, reporters, publishers, marketers and content creators alike can become even stronger. The real threats these individuals face every day —shrinking resources, budgets and time – are inconsequential with a storytelling tool as powerful and collaborative as Storify 2.

    Don’t believe me? Take it straight from Kevin Cosgrove, Director of Product Development at Advance Digital:

    "Storify 2’s new functionality enhances Advance Digital’s commitment to real-time coverage and community participation in all aspects of breaking news, including live events such as election debates and game-day sports reporting,” Cosgrove said.

    The future of storytelling is here. Interested in hearing more? Get a demo today or Learn more: