Storify users cover #Sandy

From news organizations to regular people, Storify users are collecting the most relevant social media, debunking rumors and helping spread critical emergency information.

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  1. Weather is always big on social media. It's something that touches many people, who can all be part of the story by sharing their personal experiences. 
  2. And because weather has such a broad impact, it's hard for any media organization, blogger or storyteller to give the complete picture all on their own. Social media is an ideal way to get a better grasp on the whole story, pulling together individual stories from social media to give a full picture of what people are experiencing. Even more because of all the people talking about the storm, someone needs to help cut through the noise and amplify the stories that matter.
  3. In just a couple of days, Storify users have created nearly 500 stories about the storm that were viewed almost 4 million times.
    Here are some ways that Storify users helped tell the Sandy story:
  4. Live blogging using social media as a source

  5. NBC News scoured social networks to tell the story of Sandy, and then used the embedding function of Storify to distribute their work across their network of local sites. The story has been viewed nearly 1 million times and been posted on dozens of websites.
  6. With constant updates from various networks, drawing on local eyewitnesses as well as their own staff sources, they helped keep the story become an authoritative account of the events and one of the most-viewed Storify stories about Sandy.
  7. Their story included video and photos from witnesses ...
  9. as well as photos and other updates from official and staff sources:
  10. Debunking social media rumors

  11. Katie Rogers of The Guardian US has been asking people to help her document fake storm photos, using the hashtag #FakeSandy to organize efforts:
  12. She's unearthed some pretty obvious fakes, like this one: 
  13. or this one:
  14. Personal stories

  15. Author Deanna Zandt told a very personal story about the storm, pulling together her social media updates to tell how she coped with the storm -- and took action to prevent it from ripping the roof of her entire home off.
  16. . @basker wanted to see the bike helmet and the cocktail. I threw in the Wellies. #sandy #nyc