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Storify stories have a new look!

Stories on Storify have been redesigned, bringing readers and story creators a new experience on the site.


  1. Today we're unveiling a redesigned look and a few new features for stories on Storify. We've been lining up a lot behind the scenes since our acquisition by Livefyre, so we're thrilled to be able to start sharing some of these new developments with you now.
  2. Focusing on what matters.

  3. If you're a regular on Storify, you've probably noticed some visual cleanup to our story pages already. We weren't just out to give stories a facelift, however. The goals of this redesign centered around focus:
  4. • For your readers, keep the focus on the content of your story.
    • For story creators, focus on features that help show off your story.
    • For publishers, focus on where your story's embedded to drive traffic there.
  5. So fresh, so clean: here's what to look for in our redesign

  6. Images, margins and more have had touchups around the page, but perhaps the most noticeable difference is the large, visual treatment of your story's cover image, title and description at the top.
  7. At the same time, we've removed some of the extra information that used to be on the sides and bottom of stories, and combined some of the buttons and areas story owners used to see. 

    The result is a simple, cleaner look that grabs the reader's attention at the top and keeps the focus on your story's content.
  8. New: Speaking of visuals, you can now make any image element in your story the cover photo, allowing you to easily optimize the new cover treatment at the top. While logged in, view your published story, hover over any image and click this icon:
  9. And as you might have noticed on this story, our love of GIFs extends to the new cover images! Try making your story's cover a little more animated next time to really have it stand out to readers.
  10. Templates get more attention

  11. Did you know there are multiple ways you can view a Storify story? In addition to the default everyone's familiar with, you can display stories as slideshows or grids!
  12. Our most active Storify users have been raving about these for some time, but they've always been hard to discover, and you could only view them when embedding your story on another site. Well, no longer.
  13. New: As of today, all story creators will see a handy Template chooser when looking at their stories. Here's a rundown of how it works:
  14. • You can easily switch between our default, Grid or Slideshow templates right on your story page, allowing you to preview and optimize a story for that view easily.

    • If your story looks best in another template, save it! Your readers will now see the story in that template when visiting your story on Storify.
  15. • You can change the template at any time, and still embed stories in any template you wish on other sites.
  16. Storify's Slideshow and Grid templates are great tools for sharing stories visually, and now it's easier than ever for the content in your stories to benefit from them.
  17. As seen on your site

  18. Finally, for publishers or site owners who regularly embed stories on their sites, we've added a new "As seen on" area for readers at the top of published stories.
  19. If your stories are being discovered on Storify, this area will link to where you've embedded it, sending more traffic your way or taking readers to the embedded experience you've set up elsewhere.
  20. Take a look around!