Storify's 10 Most Quoted Tweets Of The Year

Nearly 3 million times in 2011, a Storify user searched for tweets on a certain topic, found the right one, and pulled it into a story. By doing that, they helped to tell the story of 2011. Here are the tweets they selected the most often - the most Storified tweets of the year.


  1. 10. The Top 10 tweets were dominated by two huge stories on social media. As those stories broke, Twitter erupted, and Storify users pulled together narratives to make sense of the social media roar. But No. 10 is not on either of those topics. It's a tweet from a civil and human rights activist who -- surprisingly -- praises the police at an Occupy protest.
  2. 9. Twitter is known for its controversial sense of humor. Here, the ultimate parody account has words for the recently deceased Osama bin Laden. 
  3. 8. A New Zealand wit adds his take on bin Laden's death. 
  4. 7. A political scientist begins to put things together on the night of the bin Laden raid. 
  5. The picture above was created by Twitter and is made up of tweets sent Oct. 5, the day Steve Jobs died. The tweets are from the hashtag #thankyousteve and are ordered based on the number of RTs it got. 
  6. 6. The death of Steve Jobs was one of the biggest stories ever on social media. Here, the president tweets kind words of respect for the Apple leader. 
  7. 5. An Apple fan challenges Steve Jobs fans to follow his inspiration by quoting a few biographical facts. 
  8. 4. A CNBC sports business newscaster sums up the loss of Jobs well.   
  9. 3. An aide to Donald Rumsfeld is the first to break the bin Laden news. This tweet was retweeted thousands of times. 
  10. 2. Sohaib Athar, a neighbor to the compound housing Osama bin Laden, tweets the first signs of the raid that killed the Al-Qaeda leader. 
  11. 1. In the most Storified tweet of the year, perhaps the only figure in the online world of similar stature says goodbye to Steve Jobs. 
  12. Note: Only the top tweet per user is listed. The tweeters of No. 1 and No. 2 had more tweets on the same subject in the Top 10. Only English-language tweets are listed. Tweets in Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese also ranked high.