How to Storify the presidential debates

Wednesday night is the first of three debates between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. Americans will be "social watching" with two screens, and taking part on social media. Here are ideas on how to cover the debates with Storify.

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  1. Why Storify? To take part in a viral event

  2. Last winter's GOP debates proved to be viral social media events. The Wall Street Journal registered 1.9 million views of their three GOP debate Storify stories. Those stories pulled in reader comments, acting as a kind of social media sidebar that was updated throughout the events. See those stories here
  3. Capture pre-game predictions

  4. There is already lots of buzz about the debate Wednesday, and you can curate what pundits and voters are already saying on social media. The University of Southern California student news site Neon Tommy looks at Republican predictions.  
  5. Digital First found advice for the candidates from the past. 
  6. Round up the memes before, during and after

  7. If there's one thing recent events like the Olympics have shown us about social media, it's that memes go viral in a hurry, capturing the public imagination. You can search social networks to find those events and collect them in a Storify. 
  8. Amnesty International's bingo card has been pinged around Twitter. 
  9. The debate drinking game. 
  10. Pull in the GIFs!

  11. Many news outlets are pulling together GIFs from the debates. You can collect them in a Storify by searching for the GIFs on Twitter, or via a Google Images search.  
  12. Capture the live event using "the Oprah Storify approach."