Storify on Election Day 2010

Here's some sites using Storify to pull together voter voices on election day.


  1. Big events with lots of people expressing themselves on social media are an ideal use for Storify, as is no more true on this election day in the United States today.

    Whether highlighting voter voices, looking at what candidates are saying, or asking citizens to report election violations, Storify makes it easy to pull together and make stories from the voice of the voters. 

    Here are a few sites using Storify on this election day, Nov. 2, 2010.
  2. The Washington Post is using Storify to monitor voting issues:
  3. And TBD in Washington too, compiling out local information about violations and lines at ballot boxes.
  4. The Los Angeles Times is using Storify to pull together a post around comments on their site:
  5. Here's PBS compiling Tweets from their stations around the country:
  6. And the Detroit News is also using Storify to gather voter voices:
  7. The Houston Chronicle has also assembled a collection of voter voices and is asking people to Tweet with the #houvote tag:
  8. And The Denver Post has a whole bunch of #hashtags that it's following for the local races there:
  9. The Concord Monitor put together a survey of political social media in the days ahead of the vote:
  10. Even Belgium's Le Soir is using Storify to put together their take on the American vote in French:
  11. Know of other sites using Storify or planning to use it yourself? Let us know with an @reply to @Storify and we'll add you to this story!
  12. We're adding more down below -- lots of stories to keep up with!
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