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Storify's New Twitter Cards are an Ace Up Your Sleeve

Storify's custom Twitter Cards have been completely redesigned, making a great story sharing feature even better.


  1. Last year, we surprised a lot of people by releasing a custom "Twitter Card" into the Storify sharing experience. Remember this?
  2. If not (or you're new to Storify), here's the deal: Twitter Cards are the "cards" of extra information you see in some tweets when browsing Twitter. They show you additional info related to the content in a tweet, like article summaries, video players or more.
  3. We created a custom Twitter Card (ok, yes - technically ours is considered a Player Card) for sharing previews of Storify stories within tweets, and the reactions have been great from day one:
  4. But in addition to your great responses, the results have been incredible. Since launching, the engagement on Storify's Twitter Cards has been 50% higher than the average of all Player Cards on Twitter!
  5. That's why today we're really excited to reveal a complete redesign of Storify's custom Twitter Card that makes its great sharing experience even better.
  6. Introducing Storify's Twitter Card (again!)

  7. Now when you tweet the link to your Storify stories, the Twitter Card shown gives a more visual experience that readers can cycle through right on Twitter. Every element of the Storify story gets its own "card" (see what we did there?). Images, videos and GIFs are highlighted more, and the visual treatment of your story's text or quoted tweets has been improved as well.
  8. Want to see one in action? The above image is the cover card from this recent story by the White House. You can experience the story as it would appear in a Twitter Card here.
  9. While browsing, you'll spot some of the details of this redesign, such as:
  10. • A cover card showing the story's title, author, highlighted images from the story, the avatars of people quoted and more.
  11. • A beautiful new treatment for the tweets you've quoted and text portions you've added as the story's cards flow:
  12. • A more prominent sharing button at the end for readers to tweet your story themselves.
  13. Great! Um, but how can I try these?

  14. Simply put the link to any Storify story in a tweet starting today. That's it! Twitter will automatically recognize and display your story's Twitter Card on all of their official platforms (yep, including Twitter's mobile apps). These even work if you use URL shorteners, so don't worry about any extra steps or considerations. Done!
  15. Given that the first version of our Twitter Card performed so well, we think this new "cards" template is a win-win for story creators and their audiences. But don't take our word for it - point a tweet @Storify now letting us know what you think!
  16. We might even Storify your response if you play your cards right.