Storify launches redesigned site around media search

Storify is about amplifying the voices that matter. Finding those voices will be much simpler with the launch of our redesigned site. #newstorify


  1. Storify-new home page
    Storify-new home page
  2. Storify is now oriented around search, and lets you browse the best quotes, photos and videos collected by Storify users from around the social web. You can add media directly to your stories, and also share and comment. We’ve also revamped user profiles to let you personalize your Storify page.
  3. The new Storify makes it easier to see what users including CNN, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, ABC, NBC, Al Jazeera, Newsweek-The Daily Beast, The Washington Post and many other top news organizations are tracking around major events like the U.S. elections, severe weather, the Olympics, the latest from Gaza and
    Internet memes. Bloggers, social media editors and regular people using Storify are also helping make sense of the billions of social posts from around the world every day.
  4. There’s a lot of new stuff that we can’t wait for you to try! Read on for more details:
  5. Search

    Storify is fortunate to have the best storytellers as our users. Now, it’s easier than ever to see what they’re collecting on Storify. The new search results are based on the resonance each media item has on our platform. We’ll be refining this algorithm to highlight the most engaging quotes, photos and videos.
  6. Storify-new search results screen
    Storify-new search results screen
  7. Media element view

    Search results immediately show all the media elements collected by Storify users -- displaying photos, videos, quotes and other media in a scrolling tile format. Any element can easily be re-used in your own stories, or also commented on, liked or shared.
  8. Storify-element view
    Storify-element view
  9. User profiles

    Users can now set profile images to personalize their Storify page. The page shows stories and the media elements from social networks that have been collected by that user.
  10. More to come

    We want to keep making it easier for you to tell stories to amplify the voices that matter. We appreciate your feedback on #newstorify, and thank you for your stories!
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