Storify integrates as new source for stories

The newest microblogging platform,, is now available as a source in Storify's editing dashboard

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  1. Hello! We're here and look forward to helping you curate the best media from this newly born social network into stories
  2., the latest microblogging site that has gained attention for its ad-free business model, is now integrated as a source on Storify. You can curate and publish updates from along with media from our current social network sources Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and others to amplify the voices that matter and tell stories.
    With their early adopters, for the moment is an interesting new source to find reactions to news in the technology world.
  3. Updates from appear just like quotes from other social networks, as in the example below from engineer Mark Thurman:
  4. Launching our integration with #storify today!
  5. To add as a source, click the "+" icon at the right of the sources on the top of the right-hand side of the editing dashboard.
  6. Then drag from the available sources list on the right to the Selected side on the left and click "Save."
  7. will now appear in your sources list, where you can look at their Global Stream, an individual user's updates or find updates by hashtag.
  8. As adds more features, we'll improve the source to make it easier to find relevant media for your stories. And if you're one of the early users of, you can follow us on here.
  9. Thanks to Mark and Alex from the team for dropping by the Storify office, where they caught up with our amazingly talented summer intern Fred (center in the Storify T-shirt), who built the integration.