Storify has your source for the best GIFs online

The newest source in our story editor is ideal for finding GIFs in a jiffy.


  1. It's no secret that Storify stories are very GIF-friendly, but getting the file format into stories hasn't always been straightforward for some.
  2. That's why today we're adding a new, dedicated source for them to our story editor. If you're a GIF fan (or part of our team), this is probably you right now:
  3. When creating your next story, simply click the "GIF" source to search for an animated addition that's perfect for your piece:
  4. We've baked the APIs for popular providers like Google and Giphy right into this source, meaning the ideal trending item, reaction GIF or pop culture reference is just a keyword away.
  5. If you've ever spent precious minutes GIF hunting elsewhere for your stories, this latest addition will likely be much appreciated.
  6. Note: have you customized the sources area of your account's story editor in the past? If so, you won't see the GIF source in your editor right away. Use the "+" button provided to add it to your sources now:
  7. This is the first time that a source in Storify is based on the type of media you're looking for, rather than being a specific social network or other online source. We'd love to hear what you think of this and whether you'd be interested in seeing similar media-based searches for formats like photos or videos.
  8. But most of all, have fun! We can't wait to see your GIF-filled stories soon.