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Top social media journalists talk about social media and the election

Storify hosted a national online conversation Thursday night pulling in top social media news experts. All the questions were fielded live from Twitter. You can keep the conversation going with the hashtag #socialvote.


  1. What relevant role will social media play in the election? See what top social media journalists said in Storify's Google Hangout via this YouTube video:

  2. #socialvote -- a roundtable about the 2012 election and social media
  3. Our panelists:

    - Liz Heron, director of social media and engagement, The Wall Street Journal. On Twitter, @lheron

    - Craig Kanalley, senior editor, Huffington Post. On Twitter, @ckanal

    - Alex Howard, Washington correspondent, O'Reilly Media. On Twitter, @digiphile

    - Brian Ries, senior editor, Newsweek and The Daily Beast. On Twitter, @moneyries

    - Ryan Beckwith, political editor, Digital First Media. On Twitter, @ryanbeckwith

    - Mallary Tenore, managing editor, On Twitter, @mallarytenore

  4. Storify co-founder Burt Herman led the conversation among top social media journalists. 
  5. Memes - inane, or the pulse of the nation?

  6. Are memes shallow pop phenomena of social media -- or can they reflect larger issues and take the pulse of the electorate? The answer, our panelists and audience felt, is a little of both. 
  7. On the night of the first presidential debate, users deluged Twitter with 208,000 tweets - about Big Bird. 
  8. Social journalists as real-time fact-checkers

  9. Candy Crowley's interjection in the latest presidential debate set a precedent for journalists as real-time fact-checkers. Is that a valuable role -- and a realistic one?
  10. Panelist Alex Howard reaches out to another well-known social journalist, Andy Carvin of NPR.