1. 2016 UPDATE, PLEASE READ: This story was originally published over four years ago, in early 2012. Since the original release of the Storify iPad app, both iOS and the Storify database changed significantly, resulting in the Storify team getting numerous reports of stories getting out of "sync" on the database. As a result of these reports, we removed the Storify iPad app from the App Store, and do not plan on bringing it back.

    If you downloaded the app in the past, you may have received an email about this. If not, the app may continue to work on your iPad at this time, but please note that sync issues with your stories are possible, and unfortunately we cannot recover story progress lost this way any longer.

    To clarify Storify's current mobile situation, all stories can be viewed/read on mobile devices (e.g. tablets or phones), but the full-featured story editor can only be used from a computer browser.

    If needing more info about the Storify iPad app or tips and workarounds for what to do when on the go, feel free to reach out to @Storifyhelp or message support@storify.com. We hope this helps clarify the situation for any past iPad app users or anyone hearing about the original app from 4+ years ago, and we apologize for any temporary confusion or inconvenience this may be causing. Thanks for your understanding!
  3. Storify is reinventing storytelling for the social media age, and today we're bringing our platform to the device that is reinventing computing: the iPad.

    Our free app is a powerful tool that gives you a new way of creating content on a tablet.

    With Storify for iPad, you can reach out and touch social media elements like tweets, Facebook and Instagram photos, YouTube videos and more. Then you just drag them right into your stories. Social storytelling is now at your fingertips.
  4. Introducing Storify for iPad

  5. We've heard your many requests and have been working hard for months on Storify for iPad, which we believe will jumpstart storytelling on the iPad.

    You can find the free Storify for iPad app in the iTunes App Store, here.

    (Please note: If you are an existing Storify user who has only logged in through Twitter, you will need to create a Storify password. You can do this simply by logging out and clicking on the Forgot Password link in the login window, then entering your email and receiving a message that will let you set a password. We are working on a solution to make this simpler in the future.)
  6. Above: Drag and drop social media elements into your story, as with our web app. But now you don't even have to click. Just drag with your finger.
  7. Above: Create new stories or work on old stories on your iPad. So you can start a story on our web app, then take it on the road with your iPad, and work on a live-blog of a conference or event.
  8. Above: Publish your story and notify the people you quote, just like on our web app.

    And there is also something new: You can tweet from within the iPad app. So you can take part in the conversation you're capturing.
  9. Yes we are. And we hope you enjoy it.
  10. Got questions, problems or thoughts with our new app? Please tell us! Send us a tweet to @storify, post to our Facebook page or email to support@storify.com.

    And as always, thank you for telling stories with us.

    - Your friends at Storify